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Van Gogh Dreams

Van Gogh Dreams is an immersive installation that tells the story of Vincent van Gogh's journey in Arles—focusing on the his emotions and feeling.

Role: Lead Technologist and Concept Dev

The experience is split in to five narrative chapters that give visitors insight into his emotional sate at the time.

Leaving Paris: Visitors enter a dark and confined passage with clattering city sounds, expressing the depression and malaise Van Gogh experiences in Paris during the winter of 1887 - 1888.

The Promise of the South: Rounding the corner, visitors emerge into a luminous, summery space with 900 handmade glass sunflowers. The room conveys the inspiration, hope and creative euphoria of the first period in Arles

Living with Gauguin: Visitors then enter a simple room that captures the daily conviviality and animated exchanges between Van Gogh and Gauguin while sharing the Yellow House. Just outside, the two men erupt into verbal clashes.

The Dream Falls Apart: Visitors enter a room that captures Van Gogh's inner turmoil as his dream abruptly ends.

Striving for Greater Meaning: Visitors emerge into a meditative room with a moiré pattern of shifting lights that reference Van Gogh's brushstrokes and night skies.



The journey across Van Gogh’s time in Arles, was built on top of extensive research. For this stage, I developed multiple software programs to help us gather, organize and understand the huge amount of information available. That included web crawler, Illustrator plugins, ML models to organize and sort images.

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